• by admin
  • October 12, 2018

What Is Cloud Technology?

Many users of technology have experienced the unfortunate event of losing some beloved pictures or personal files from their digital device by accident. School projects, family photos, or hours of other work could be lost in an instant. Such an incident was devastating, often leaving no way to recover all of those files. Thanks to current technology, those days are nearly gone. Cloud technology now allows users to upload files to a “cloud” where they can be accessed on nearly any devices via the internet.

For those unfamiliar, “cloud” is a term for a space on the internet where files or programs are stored. Files can be uploaded to a cloud for easy sharing with others, to help keep your hard drive clearer, and as a backup storage method. There are many clouds to use, and many different ways they can be set up to best-fit user’s needs.

One example of a commonly used cloud is Google drive. Google drive can be accessed with a Gmail account. Google drive files can be shared with others, making it a great platform for group work. Both android and apple devices can upload to and use Google drive, making it easy to access files from any device a person owns. Another common version of cloud technology is iCloud, which is for Apple devices. However, iCloud can be set up for PCs as well. Aside from Google drive and iCloud, there are many clouds, but those are two of the most commonly used.

Clouds are a great way to store and backup files. Clouds allow files to be accessed from multiple devices, and easily shared with other people. Using a cloud frequently can also allow you to keep fewer files on your hard drive, which will keep it cleaner. Because of the technological advancement of the cloud, it is much easier to prevent loss of files from accidents or device malfunctions. Many devices can also be set up to automatically back up new pictures or other files to a location on a cloud. It is recommended to back up files from devices onto a cloud frequently, and make sure you know how to access your cloud.