• by admin
  • October 12, 2018

How The Internet Has Changed The World

After Al Gore invented the internet (queue the laughs), the world took off in a direction, unlike anything that’s happened in our lifetimes. The exchange of information has stepped into a new realm of the universe, where anyone can access almost anything and get it quickly at their fingertips. It can’t be understated that the amount of information that’s available now that’s never been available before has suddenly opened up a lot of new avenues to which a seeker of information can find it.

It seems as though the news cycle has sped up considerably and what once took a day or two before news from around the world actually made it home, it’s now available 24×7. The way news gets reported no longer depends on a few large corporate news outlets, but it has now become possible for real street reporters to get the news out into the public mainstream with a handheld device, posting online feeds and streams that show the real story from the front lines of where the news takes place.

Research has never been more readily available. What once took a week or more to get an obscure published piece of study material is now available quickly online. No longer do students need to fight for reference material at libraries when everything is now available to them on the internet.

With the information also comes the employment. More jobs have been created through startups and other companies that seek an online presence. Content developers and graphic artists push what the web can do to the max, making for lively and very consumable content. Marketing companies and testers, as well as product support, are always in demand so support the various opportunities that arise from online products and services. Millions of new opportunities have come from online companies and providers and millions of products have made it to the market through the use of web stores and pure online marketing that was once unheard of. No longer do business need to depend on a brick and mortar storefront when they can work out of a basement. The world has changed.