The Futuristic World Of Innovations

Currently, technology has brought global people closer to each other. Through systems, processes and communication, technology has brought amazing transformation that the world needs for better lives of its inhabitants. Everything seems to become complicated through the upcoming Innovations, and one wonders what will become of the centuries to come.

High-Speed Trains

At the moment, the journey between San Francisco and Los Angeles takes a commuter 7.5 hours on a train. However, a future train that is in pipeline will only spend 35 minutes to cover the distance. The big question remains how that will happen, but the answer lies with the experts. According to their futuristic technology, a speed train will have a speed of 760 mph, and this speed resembles that of a commercial jetliner.

Coffee energy

Coffee stands as one of the most loved beverage. In the future, coffee will become a source of energy. It will be used to heat buildings and power transportation media. This is the vision of a wise man, who thought of transforming over 200,000 tons of annual coffee waste that London disposes. His vision is to come up with bio fuel made from coffee. It is amazing that bio fuel from coffee will become a choice of fuel in gas stations.

Sound Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers use massive resources to contain forest fires. In the future to come, those resources will apply in other constructive projects since drones will use sound to contain the fires. Sound contains pressure waves, and the pressure will apply in containing the fires. The drones will hover over the fire and put it out. Another great man is the brain behind the vision that will cut out oxygen from forest fires.

Space Balloon

Astronauts usually go to the space in a tightly sealed capsule. Well, World View Enterprises plans to send tourists aboard a hot air balloon to the space. The first successful test of the technology took place in 2016, and the space is set to receive tourists who will part with $75,000 while still on earth.

Breathalyzer Cars

Alcohol contributes to a high number of deaths in the world. However, future cars will measure the alcohol content in the breath of the driver, and scan the fingerprints using the steering wheel. If a driver will exceed the accepted level of alcohol, the car will immobilize. The accruing benefit is that drivers who will buy the cars will pay lower insurance premiums.

Internet for All

There is an innovation expert, who is focused on providing internet for everyone in the word. Up to 4000 satellites will float in the space and reflect high-speed internet signals to everyone by the year 2020. However, there is a close competitor, who seeks to provide free Wi-Fi to everyone in the world.


It seems that the futuristic world will present several benefits to its inhabitants. The world will become super-efficient with everything becoming the opposite of what it is today. Nevertheless, time will tell. Even as Innovations take the world to the next level, it is good to be aware of the challenges they bring along.